Electronic Communications

We are in a day and age of ever-advancing technology and 24/7 access to rapid electronic communications! Burlew Bookkeeping & Tax Service, Inc. desires to develop business specific processes and ways to accommodate and adapt to these exciting technological milestones as they arise! With that said, we strongly value providing the highest level of personalized service and individualized attention to each of our clients.

We care about you and your financial situation(s) and want to be accessible to you as much and as quickly as possible! Being a small firm and with the desire to respond in a personalized manner, we may not be able to reply immediately to your inquiry or request. This in no way lessens our relationship with you or the importance and significance of the information you have provided. Rest assured that we are working hard to respond timely and appropriately.

In this day and age, there is no longer such a thing as a “quick question” and it is becoming increasingly challenging to simply respond to what might be perceived as one. There are so many caveats in the tax law, especially now with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obama Care. We receive about 15 “quick questions” a day. With that said, we have created a business practice to schedule a time to adequately respond with all the necessary information as it relates to your question.

Specific and dedicated time is scheduled throughout the year to focus our full-attention on each of our clients! Tax appointments and preparation times are generally pre-booked one year in advance. This allows us to give you the quality response that is needed and deserved and provides dedicated time specifically for you.

As you may send little bits of information to us throughout the year, please know that we will save & flag your communication to respond as soon as possible. We filter and screen every type of communication received and depending on the subject matter, a quicker response may be in order. If the information received is more of an FYI regarding your situation, thank you! It may be applicable to your pre-booked appointment or preparation time and will be considered and accounted for during that time.

If you have any questions regarding your tax/accounting situation, BJB wants to be accessible to you via all forms of communication! Whether e-mail, phone, text message, or even by mail, BJB and her staff are working hard to respond to each and every inquiry in a timely manner while not compromising the level of individualized service and personalization that Burlew Bookkeeping and Tax Service, Inc. has built its quality reputation on! If you do not receive a response to your question or inquiry (via any of the aforementioned forms of communication) in a time manner according to your specific needs, please contact our office via telephone and bring your needs and timeframe to our attention so that we may serve you well with care and commitment.

We have been using Lacerte Tax Software for 25 years. Lacerte has partnered with SmartVault to provide a safe and secure way of transmitting your tax information. We too have partnered with SmartVault this year. We realize this is new technology for many of you and for some, you would still like to mail or drop off your tax documents in lieu of uploading to us electronically. Our lockbox is still available 24/7 without an appointment. Although we do request you register with SmartVault so that we may upload documents to you securely for your view, your records and or your signature, please rest assured we are here to serve you in whatever communication option you are comfortable with.

We are excited to continue developing ways to integrate new and advanced forms of communication and sincerely thank you for extending grace to us throughout the process!

If you have any questions regarding BJB communications, please contact us!